G. Sidney Waits

Fotos of Yesteryear

The Riley House was one of the favorite places for traveling folk in the early years. A hack met every train and the driver would cry aloud "Riley House" bidding for a customer to stay at the hotel. Good meals were served by the Riley and Beckett families. A large oak tree near the curb in fron of the hotel was a favorite turn around spot for motorist on a Sunday afternoon ride about time.

The A. M.Riley Drug Store was a favorite hangout for the teen agers. Here Izez Riley (Moss) and Ruth Barnes (Galant) arrive in their late model "T". Real fun! Inez is driving the fliver and Ruthie is getting out of the contraption. The other party is unknown.

This is a photo of one of the classes of Kindergarten taught by Mrs. Conwell Jones. She was an excellent teacher and the children loved her very much. Her kindergarten was located on College street in the same block as the Methodist Church (on E. Three Notch)

This is a classic photo of the Men's Club at the Methodist Church. So many of these have passed away and it is good to have this photo to recall their time.

The old Pickle Plant was located at Cawthon Station at the rail crossing below Devereux Hill. It was a very active place in its early years. I can remember they would put the pickles in large vats and pack them in salt and water. They would pack them down by walking over them with bare feet. They would transfer them to special built pickle cars on the rails for transport to Montgomer where they were made into pickles - sweet and dill.There were pickle plant buying points in Red Level and Gantt and probably other places I am not sure of.

This is a photo of one of the several Dale Carnegie courses that was taught in the Scherf Memorial Building. A good number of our citizens took advantage of the course and learned a good bit.

This early school photo is a treasure. See how many you can identify.

Some of the Baton twirlers at Andalusia High School.

A good group made a trip down river from River Falls to Pensacola Bay. We left about 7:30 AM and had people looking at us as we passed under the several bridges on our way down the river. We saw lots of wildlife and it was an enjoyable trip. This photo was made as we stopped to re-fuel in Brewton. A small group from the chamber of commerce in Brewton welcomed us. The late Dr. Davis Gantt organized the trip. We arrived at the Marina on the Pensacola side of the bay at about 3:30 PM.

It looks as though the First Baptist Church was on fire but not so. It was the Martin Theater and the fire did lots of damage to the theater. We were without a movie for a while.

Before Castro my family visited Havana Cuba and we stayed in this hotel. It was a short distance from the Capitol Building. The elevator was one of those old ones built in a wire cage. Our room was one of the front rooms and we had a good view. I remember I enjoyed fresh pineapple cut up and served over crushed ice in a tin pie plate. My brother who was younger got lost but we found him in the bar.

This photo came to me over the Internet. I thought it was very clever and I still enjoy looking at it. I thought you might enjoy it too.

This is a photo of a replica of one of Christopher Columbus's ships - The Nina (Neen Ya). It is a close copy of the original ship as it is leaving Cristobal, Panama after a visit there. The ship was built somewhere in this country I believe but has been on tour to various ports in the hemisphere. About a year or more ago they discovered the shipwreck remains that were proven to be about the time of one of Columbus's trips. This was near the old port of Portobello but a wrangle resulted and lasted several months. In the meanwhile most of the discovery was stolen. It must be great to walk on board this replica and enjoy the visit.

One of the most beautiful trees that I have ever seen is this tree. During the dry season in the Republic of Panama this tree is in full bloom. They call it the "Yellow Tree" and rightly so. Many of these trees are in the heart of the City of Panama and they are seen all over the country side. At the beach resort of Coronado there is a planted grove of the trees and when grown they will be a beautiful sight. Of course, at the rate of development in that area someone may locate a subdivision in place of the grove of yellow trees. Anyway, they are a beautiful site and this photo indicates only a part of the real beauty.