G. Sidney Waits

Photos of residences and other buildings in Andalusia

This is a photo of the First Methodist Church of Andalusia. It was built during the mid twenties and lots of restoration work has been done on the Church building in recent years. Rev.Tim Trent is the Minister and a great guy. He is a native of Crestview, Florida. He enjoys short wave radio, rides a motorcycle and does a good job preaching the word to his flock. The Church building is a beautiful and impressive structure along the Three Notch. A fairly recent addition on the west side of the main Church building is a great asset in that it provides new offices and much needed additional space. I believe the Church is included in the proposed new historic district.

This is our new City Hall Complex. The building has been completely renovated and modernized. It is a beautiful inside and out. It was completed in 1914 and served first as the school for all eleven grades. As the school system grew, a small wooden building was erected facing College Street. This building housed the first and second grades. A High school was built later on Church Street and this building on East Three Notch Street served as an elementary school until the present new elementary school was built. The City Hall complex is in the proposed new historic district.

Ab Powell
This beautiful old colonial home that is an Insurance Office today was built by Mr.J. W. Shreve. The home was later acquired by Abner Riley Powell, Sr., a local newspaper editor and attorney. Abner, Jr., James R., and Ruth Powell were raised in this home. My mother was related to Mrs. Powell and Cousin Gertrude would let me park my bycycle in her carport if I would come to the Christian Temperance meetings (for children) at her home.The proposed new historic district will include this home.

Scherf Home
This was the original home of Mr.John G. Scherf, Sr and family. It was built by Mr. . Scherf in the early thirties and is known as Springdale. The Scherf family lived in the home after Mr. & Mrs. Scherf died. During WWII Mr. Scherf tore down this iron fence and contributed the fence to the scrap drive for the war. He replaced it with a chain link fence and replaced that fence with the present iron fence at the end of the war.The home is on a beautifully landscaped parcel of land and is well maintained. After it was offered for sale the City of Andalusia purchased the property. They have groomed the home and the landscape and it is a very attractive center for parties, weddings and receptions. Several open house events have been held for the benefit of the community.

Ms Kate
Mrs. Henderson was a Robinson before her marriage to Mr. James "Dink" Henderson. They lived at Bagdad where her husband was general manager of the mill following the death of my grandfather who had been general manager. Following the close of Bagdad, and Mr. Henderson's death, Mrs. Henderson moved to Andalusia and built this beautiful home. At her death it was given to he First Baptist Church as a parsonage. It was used as such for several years and then abandoned in favor of allowing a Pastor to build equity in his own home. The front part of the lot including the house has been sold to Mr. & Mrs. Bill Alcorn.The the Church retains ownership of the back portion of the lot facing College Street.

The Sumpter Milligan home on East Three Notch is one of the nicer homes in that area. It was built a short time after our home was built just across and down the street. Many features of the interior are similar to the interior trim in our home. Inlaid mahogany trim in the floors is one example. The front doors of this home are of cut glass and very beautiful when backlighted. The McGowins of Greenville were frequent visitors at their grandmothers home. They were my age and I would go over and play with them at every opportunity. Mrs. Milligan always kept Nehi drinks in her hall closet and we were always given one! There was a servant house in the backyard and Ella Faulk was Mrs. Milligans helper. Her sister Hattie Faulk was our helper and they often visited back and forth when off duty. The sidewalks in front and up to the corner where Dr. Gresham lived were popular roller skating avenues


This lovely home was built by Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Darling, Sr., and is one of if not the finest home in Andalusia. Mr. Darling was head of the old Sessoms Grocery Company and involved heavily in banking, turpentine, industrial and community affairs. It was also the home of my good friend Alfred Council O'neal. He was raised in the home by his grandmother Darling as his mother had died early. We had lots of good times in the house and the yard with the big barn out back. Ceefus was the caretaker and he took care of us as well as the yard. Mrs. Darling was the founder of the Andalusia Public Library. Her daughter Ethel Darling Chapman was also a part of that effort to establish a local library. I never saw Grandmother Darling without her Bible or another book in her hand or lap. She had a large library in her home. It was in the southeast corner, downstairs. The walls were lined with book after book. All the rooms in the house are large and it was fun playing together. Marjorie and Rebecca were still at home in my early memories. Count, Jr., was already married and Donald was away for a time. His wife was "Easy" and they had a home in back where the little business operates today. Alfred and I had many efforts at selling stuff out by the front sidewalks. Mr. Darling would give us a box or two of candy and gum and maybe some salt or sugar samples. My daddy would give us some soft drinks. We would sell what we could but I think we ate and drank most ofthe stuff. The Mark Murphy family enjoys this home today.

This attractive home belongs to Luther and Mary Frances Ward Taylor. It is nestled in the Three Notch Court where Mr. Shreve had his hot beds growing sweet potato draws and other plants.When they buiilt the home they unearthed some of the old hot bed pipes. Always tastefully decorated for the proper season it is always a neat place.Luther and Mary Frances have a home on Point "A" Lake and they spend most of the warm months there.


This home is one of the older homes on East Three Notch Street. It was built by Mr. John Chapman prior to 1900. Mr. Chapman had extensive farming operations in the area of today's Andalusia High School. He moved from that area to this home on East Three notch Street. I can remember the old Chapman farm house that was on the high school property about where the tennis courts are located today. Abner, Dewitt, Mary who married Walter Davis, Sr., Annie Claire and there may have been other children I do not recall. Mr. Scott Wright is the occupant-owner of this "Three Notch Treasure".


The Presbyterian Church is on South Three Notch Street and is the oldest brick Church structure in Andalusia. It is adorned with beautiful stained glass windows and has been preserved in in original state. Its early growth was encouraged when many of the members of the Church in River Falls moved to Andalusia. A recent addition to the Church provides much needed space and there is adequate parking adjacent to and across the street from the main Church. There is a small garden on the north side of the Church and a Columbine is located there. A goodly number of Church members are entomed there and will be in the future.


These memorial windows are in the main sanctuary of the First methodist Church in Rockmart, GA. They were placed in the Church to remember my great grandparents, John C. and Mary Amanda Brown Waits. They lived in the Rockmart area and were loyal members of the Church.

This home is no longer in existence. It was located where the Sugar Rush building is located today. Bradshaw operated a dry goods store and served as Sheriff of Covington County. Eva Mae Darling was raised in this home.


A gentleman came through Andalusia and he took this photo of our Courthouse. He was traveling to each county taking photos of courthouses. This photo was made during the early hours of the morning. It is interesting to notice there are no cars in the photo. In an email to me he listed his name as "Walt" - no last name. It is a beautiful photo and I appreciate his interest in our town. In my opinion it is the nicest photo I have seen of the Courthouse.


I got this photo off Facebook so I have no idea about a date except the old Pastorium was still standing when this photo was made. I think it is a beautiful picture of the Church and wanted to share it here.


This is what the River Falls Post Office looked like when we moved it on the Museum grounds. Jack Odom was the lead engineer making the move for us.

I wish I could put everyone's favorite house or structure on the website. I will try and change some of these from time to time. Thanks for visiting my website.