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I have written several local history books and pamplets. I thought it would be good to list them together with details in case you have an interest.

1. FROM THE HALLS OF MONTEZUMA is a 157 page hard cover book containing Sketches of Local history. It contains a good assortment of early photographs and covers many subjects of interest to most people interested in our history. The book sells for $25.00 and please add $4.50 if you want the book mailed to you.

2. E. L. MORE'S RIVER FALLS POWER COMPANY - This booklet tells the story of the Horse Shoe Lumber Company and the construction of both dams on the Conecuh. The River Falls Power Company distributed electric power to nine counties across South Alabama.It sells for $10.00 and if it is mailed include $2.50.

3. THE THREE NOTCH ROAD ACROSS COVINGTON COUNTY - This is the story of the construction of the Three Notch Road from the Pensacola area to the heart of the Creek Nation near Ft. Mitchel. Several early maps of the area should prove interesting. Booklet sells for $10.00 plus mailing of $2.50.

4. MYSTERIES OF THE MONTEZUMA VILLAGE - Co-authored following discovery of the Montezuma Map. This book covers the known history of the small village at the fall line of the Conecuh River. It is interesting and factual reading about the trials and tribulations of Montezuma. Book sells for $10.00 Postage of $2.50 applies.

5. THE THREE NOTCHES OF ANDALUSIA - This booklet is perfect bound and a pictorial story of the homes up and down East, South Three Notch Streets and the Court. It briefly describes the various homes and those that built the home. This book makes a nice gift to others interested in the homes on the Three Notch. Price of the book f.o.b. my house is $10.00 plus mailing of $2.50

6. EARLY DAYS AT CAMP WALTON - Anyone who visited the beach at Ft. Walton or Destin would be interested in this 50 page booklet. It contains many early photographs of the area and the original bridges over the Sound, the bayous and Destin. Price of this booklet f.o.b. my house is $10.00 with $2.50 mailing cost.

7. WHEN THE BUILDERS CAME - This paper back is a reprint of an editorial written by the late Oscar Dugger Editor of the old Andalusia Star. It is a story of those who built many of the early buildings in downtown Andalusia. 14 fact filled pages of great history. Price of the book is $10.00 plus $2.50 mailing cost

8. NEWSLETTERS ALONG THE THREE NOTCH - wrote a Newsletter containing stories of local interest for over four years. Copies were mailed to about 200 subcribers. The publication put together in 2011 contains an abundance of local history There are many photos through out this must read book of 250 pages. Book sells for $25.00 and if mailed add $4.50.

9. INDEX TO MAGNOLIA CEMETERY - (Completed June 30, 1995) Contains information on many of Andalusia's early citizens With the use of maps in the book you can locate your ancestor, the lot, row of the grave and the position of the grave within the row. This is a unique publication and price is $25.00 plus mailing cost of $4.50. Our of Print Presently

10. ON TOP OF OLD DEBRO - Contains a collection of some old and mostly new articles about Andalusia area and its growth thru the years. Book sells for $10.00 plus $2.50 mailing cost.

11. ANDALUSIA 1941-42 - A collection of articles on local history written by students in Miss Grace Huff's class. A great comparison conditions then and today. Book sells for $10.00 and $2.50 mailing cost

I also have Genealogical Books covering the Waits and Shaver Families. They are studies of many of our ancestors and contain photos and descriptions of those ancestors. Price of either book is $25.00 plus mailing cost of $4.00.

For all books I will gladly accept your check - I do not accept Credit Cards. G. Sidney Waits 516 East Pass Road Andalusia, AL 36420 Phone (334)222-4922 e-mail Sidwaits@sidwaits.com